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Graemea & Cyf New Zealand

Archived documents of Graeme Axford and his dispute with Child Youth & Family, (CYF) New Zealand

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February 2009
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News Archives

July 2009

July 1st 2009

May 2009

These updates can be found in the UnEqual Opportunity Section of this website and comprise the last three updates to this issue of Equal Opportunity during the employment process and how the potential for discrimination can be removed in the first instance.

April 2009

EEO issues, clarity & solution.

March 2009

Potentially Discriminatory
CYF Complaints Authority Fails

February 2009

Heading North
International Attention Growing

Monday 23rd 2.30pm.
Mr Hughes and Mr Smith are unavailable to meet Graeme on the 24th when he is scheduled to talk with the Advisory Panel to Mr Hughes.

Heading North this Week

22nd Feb 2009

On Tuesday the 24th, Graeme is scheduled to meet with the Advisory Panel to Peter Hughes, CEO of CYF. Apart from the meeting with the Chief Executive Advisory Panel, Graeme has also asked to speak with Mr Hughes and his deputy Ray Smith. Whether or not Mr Hughes and Smith will make the time remains to be seen.

However, as the Advisory Panel has set aside the day to meet with Graeme there is some hope of forward movement over the issues raised, and perhaps this will be the first step along the path to resolution.


International Attention Growing

14nd Feb 2009

While most New Zealand media sources continue to ignore the real issues pushing their liberal agenda, and only enter the debate when sensationalist events take place. Others in the field of Child Care & Social Work around the World are watching, wondering and debating the issues.

A recent post to Graeme's latest blog, Family Group Conference gives us some insight into the reputation of CYF, FGC's and the former Minister Ruth Dyson, on the Global stage.

I hope this reads right in English …

Graeme Axford.,
Good on you for standing up for your Rights against what looks like discriminatory behavior. I thought New Zealand was a leader in the area of equal Rights and fair treatment for people with disabilities. I have seen Ruth Dyson on the world stage posing and putting it on for the media. You are right it was ironic she was Minister of disability and for the agency you had the problem with along with employment.

People at the UN have talked about this case you have made a name for yourself in the good since of the saying. I will be watching to see what happens to this story. I can't believe how badly families are treated by people who should know better.

I am aware of the FGC concept to help the families, not abuse them by the process. As you can gather the word has spread worldwide and after reading what others put up on blogs about you all over the world had to write in to yours.

The videos on youtude are on other Multilanguage WebPages. What an embarrassment for that organization as they show themselves up for what they are given there excuses. The Briz Social Worker & family torn apart are very telling let alone your own videos. Its strange both videos attack overseas peoples which should be a worry given you want more people to come to New Zealand.

Visit the Family Group Conference Blog to read more.

From the Child Youth and Family Blog

Hope this is good English?

Hi Graeme, you are mentioned on many even more blogs all over the world, and even been talked about at some universities as a case study on professionalism You have shown CYF up and by their actions toward you, putting their own reputation at risk. How can they claim to be ethical, moral or even human after the way they have treated you and carried on and on with this. Anyone wanting to come to New Zealand and work in the Social work area with half a brain would be put off by what you have written and can prove. This is costing CYF far more then they realize while you make a good name for yourself in return. The word is spreading wider and further then ever…
February 4, 2009 8:23 PM

Visit the Child youth and Family Blog


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