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Archived documents of Graeme Axford and his dispute with Child Youth & Family, (CYF) New Zealand

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Potentially Discriminatory
Wednesday 4th March 2009

I have removed reference's to e-mail address's and phone numbers.
Apart from this the following is published as received by Graeme. the webmaster

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These updates can be found in the UnEqual Opportunity Section of this website and comprise the last three updates to this issue of Equal Opportunity during the employment process and how the potential for discrimination can be removed in the first instance.

April 2009

EEO issues, clarity & solution.

March 2009

Potentially Discriminatory
CYF Complaints Authority Fails

February 2009

Heading North
International Attention Growing

From: NORMAN, Susan   On Behalf Of BROWN, Peter
Sent: Thursday, 19 February 2009 1:07 p.m.
Subject: Collection of Disability Data on Employment Application Forms

The purpose of this letter is to remind Human Resource managers and Equal Employment Opportunities practitioners of the recommended practice for collecting disability data.

The Human Rights Commission has alerted the State Services Commission (SSC) that some Public Service departments are asking potentially discriminatory health and disability questions in application for employment forms. The SSC conducted a review into the collection of disability data on these forms, and found 22 of 35 departments use variations of the following potentially discriminatory question:

Have you had an injury or medical condition caused by a gradual process, disease, or infection, which the tasks of the position may aggravate or contribute to, or that may affect your ability to carry out the work of the position?

The SSC recommends that all disability data be collected at the time of appointment and not at the time of application. Information on disabilities is sensitive, and has the potential to inappropriately influence decisions on an applicant's suitability for employment where the disability is not directly related to the skills and qualifications needed to perform the job for which they are applying. For this reason, collecting disability information after a person is appointed is likely to produce better quality data.

The SSC's guidance on collecting disability data is outlined in Enabling Ability: Meeting the Employment Requirements of People with Disabilities in the Public Service and in Moving Forward: EEO for People with Disabilities in the Public Service Ė A Practical Guide. Both documents are available on-line at:

For any questions or further information please contact Amanda Kent at (email address withheld) or on (phone number withheld)

Peter Brown
Deputy Commissioner People Capability


Graeme's Response

I have removed reference's to e-mail address's.
I have formated some text as links to the relevant pages online.
Apart from this the following is published as received and sent by Graeme. the webmaster

From: Graeme Axford
Sent: Tuesday, 3 March 2009 12:37 a.m.
To: P Bennett (MIN), Peter Hughes, CYF Complaints
Cc: (name added in error), Jill Goscomb, Christine Mckenna,
Ruth Dyson, Paula Attrill, Shona Hickey, Pam Walkinshaw  
Subject: potentially discriminatory

Dear Minister's and MSD & CYF's

I would like it noted for the record this change happened as a result of me not giving up and keeping on making the point until things changed. By the way I will prove his as all the documentation will be added to my webpage in due cause…

Remember CYFS asked the offending question on both application forms I willed out for two job interviews… My webpage has more info: and again

While Ruth Dyson and the SSC could not see the problem, the human Rights Commission did, the point being if I was right about these issues what else have you missed, Donít worry there is far more to come LOL, I have as yet to get started…

To spite the fact Ruth Dyson CYF and their HR & other managers along with the SSC all said I had it wrong and tried to justify their position, I feel I have every right to throw this back in your faces and say, I told you so…

Now lets see out of all of you who will own up and say they got it wrong?

Graeme Axford


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