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Graeme Axford & CYF New Zealand

Human Rights Errors that lead to an unEqual Employment Opportunity and Discrimination.

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Equal Employment Opportunity and Human Rights

The following documentation covers the issues surrounding the Self-fulfilling Discrimination process that is brought about through New Zealand's Government agencies Equal Employment Opportunity and Human Rights guidelines.

It is interesting to note that the guidelines and recommendations of the State Services Commission and the Human Rights Commission actually lead to what can only be described as an un-Equal Opportunity for disabled people and others, when applying for positions with New Zealand Government Departments and Agencies.

Table of Content

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unEqual Opportunity

Toward A Workable Policy May 2009 Updates

  1. EEO Data in the Public Sector
  2. Dialogue With Human Rights
  3. The UnResolved Problem
  4. December 2009, One Year On  New
  1. The Myth of Application Data.
  2. Toward Equality
  3. A Workable Policy
Knowing that Graeme has dyslexia is also accepting that these pages contain broken sentences, spelling and grammatical errors along with other errors that are left largely unedited.
Welcome to his world.

The initial questions that Graeme asked of CYF and the State Services Commission in this matter can be read on the following pages.

  1. CYF EEO Policy Questioned
  2. State Services Commission EEO

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