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Graemea & CYF New Zealand

Graeme Axford documents his Employment dispute with Child Youth & Family, (CYF) New Zealand

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What CYF promised and never did.

Both Judy Larking and Kerry Collins said I would get a reply for the HR department once Paula returned about me asking for clarification to CYF EEO policy response.


Kerry said:
I note that you have emailed Paula Attrill and I am responding on Paula's behalf to advise that Paula will be out of the office all week this week. Paula will not be returning to the office nor have access to her email until Monday 6th November.

Judy added:
I advised him that I had asked our Human Resource Consultant to research the issues he was raising about his disability and his previous application so that hopefully Paula would be in a position to provide him with an answer on Monday (although I did not guarantee that this was possible).

3 months later and I am still waiting.

I am going to split this comment up to show my understand of what Paula and I agreed to at the first meeting in Greymouth

Agreed to write up the record of discussions and send to Graeme for agreement by early next week. This will occur before Graeme's scheduled interview.

What I agreed to was also having it all behind us and signed off before the next "scheduled interview" The "This will occur before Graeme's scheduled interview" bit is the agreement which could only be final once signed off.

I clearly see the two timeframes but they way CYF write things up as this webpage proves could mean anything.

Click on the link Explain this Pams email and you will see what I mean. CYF try to be cunning with their wording is seems.

Table of Content  Page 11 of 28


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