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Graemea & CYF New Zealand

Graeme Axford documents his Employment dispute with Child Youth & Family, (CYF) New Zealand

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CYF's Final Answer

5 February 2007
Mr Graeme Axford
Address Withheld

Dear Mr Axford
Peter Hughes has asked me to look into the issues that you have raised with him in various letters and emails over the past six months.

I am the Deputy Chief Executive with overall responsibility for Ministry of Social Development recruiting and Human Resources. I have read through all of your correspondence with us and the notes from your interviews. I have also had a senior Human Resources manager who has not had any previous involvement with your case, independently review the file.

You are clearly upset with several aspects of the employment process. It does seem to me that Child, Youth and Family did take too long to let you know that you had not been successful in your application for a social work position in the Greymouth office. I want to apologise to you for that. Child, Youth and Family have revised their process so that this sort of delay will not happen in future.

It also seems to me that this failure to meet proper recruitment practices appears to have set the tone for your dealings with Child Youth and Family from this point on. This is regrettable, although I do not think that there has been any discrimination towards you in respect of your dyslexia. Child, Youth and Family managers and staff have done their best to act towards you in an impartial and professional way and I believe that overall you have been treated fairly.

You have asked about the inclusion of Val Henry on the second interview panel. Val, as we told you, is a member of the Care and Protection Resource Panel, and she is also a member of Rata Te Awhina. Val is of Maori descent and as such, represented iwi generally on the interview panel. I am concerned that this long-drawn-out exchange of correspondence between you and Child, Youth and Family must be causing more frustration for you and I regret that.

Our many attempts to try to answer your issues in a way that you will find satisfactory have not been successful and I am concerned that the Ministry's ongoing responses to you will ultimately leave you dissatisfied. There are independent bodies to whom you have the right to complain. One option open to you is to take your complaint up with the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman has full powers to review Child, Youth and Family's actions and to make recommendations to the Ministry on how best to resolve your complaint. The Ombudsman can be contacted at:
The Ombudsman
Office of the Ombudsman
PO Box 10-152

Once again, please be assured that your previous complaints have been properly looked into. I regret that my response to you cannot be more favourable.

I wish you well for the future.
Yours sincerely Christine Stevenson
Deputy Chief Executive


Dear Mr Hughes
I fail to see how this repose addresses my issues about CYF breaching the SSC code of contact. I believe I have been lied to and setup by CYF which breaches the aforementioned. I am going to go to the SSC and complain along with the Ombudsmen's office.

I will ask the Ombudsmen's to look into if I had been treated fairly and the SSC about weather CYF breaching the code of conduct. While both complaints surround the same issue they are two dissent things although they interlink.

I had hoped peter you would have considered my case and the fact things had been kept hidden from me, the second interview was under duress etc… and realized that was unacceptable behavior and brings the MSD into disrepute and show a lack of integrity. The fact I can prove CYF kept information from me alone breaches this "Public servants should perform their official duties honestly…"

It would seem that is of no concerns as it has not been addressed in the letter. While there is a comment about how CYF think I have been treated fairly if think the evidence speaks for itself. While I will now formally approach the ombudsmen's office and SSC my door is open should you reconsider in the meantime?

I really hoped you had a sense for fair-play, justice and integrity. I can see now why people on say CYF are unaccountable, deceptive and cover things up. This reply will be added to my webpage as is when it goes up tomorrow all going well. Cheers Graeme Axford

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