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Graemea & CYF New Zealand

Graeme Axford documents his Employment dispute with Child Youth & Family, (CYF) New Zealand

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SSC and the Code of Conduct

-----Original Message-----
From: Chris
Sent: Thursday, 15 February 2007 8:44 a.m.
To: Graeme Axford
Subject: RE: Child Youth and Family Services, breaching the SSC code of conduct?

Dear Mr Axford
thank you for your email of 10 February requesting the State Services Commissioner investigate the process surrounding your unsuccessful application for employment at Child, Youth and Family Services, Greymouth.

Section 57 of the State Sector Act 1988 provides the State Services Commissioner with the power to issue a code of conduct. The purpose of the current code of conduct is to set minimum standards for the way the public service goes about its business.

The State Services Commissioner issues the code, can advise and guide on matters of interpretation and application of the code, and retains the power to investigate serious breaches of the minimum standards set by the code. However the State Services Commission is not in a position to investigate particular alleged breaches of the code unless they are of a particularly serious and/or pervasive nature. In general, the investigation of alleged breaches of the code is the responsibility of the Chief Executive of the Department concerned.

After considering the content of the correspondence you have received from Christine Stevensen I consider that the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development has taken your complaints seriously, undertaken an appropriate investigation of them and has indicated intention to ensure address processes to ensure the issues you experienced do not occur in the future.

While I acknowledge that you are not satisfied with the outcome of thatinvestigation, the State Services Commission does not carry out general reviews of complaints in such cases.

I note that the Ministry of Social Development has advised you that you have a right to take up your complaint with the Ombudsman, and you have indicated your intention to do this. It appears to me from the information you have provided that this may well be the appropriate way for you to obtain an independent review of your complaint.

Yours sincerely
State Services Performance Specialist
State Services Commission
Fax: +64 4 495 6701


-----Original Message-----
From: Graeme Axford
Sent: Saturday, 17 February 2007 12:18 a.m.
To: Chris.Bunny
Subject: RE: Child Youth and Family Services for breaching the SSC code of conduct

Hi Chris
Thank you for your email in reply. Please feel free to visit my webpage about these issues on (For anyone reading the webpage who has not seen the SSC code of conduct this is a brief summary). Notes taken from

Public servants should fulfill their lawful obligations to the Government with professionalism and integrity.

Public servants should perform their official duties honestly, faithfully and efficiently, respecting the rights of the public and their colleagues.

Public servants should not bring the Public Service into disrepute through their private activities.
Page 25 Personal Behavior
Whether such activities constitute misconduct will depend on the circumstances in each case, and may vary from department to department, or according to the position held by a public servant.

Given I had information withheld from me I think this clearly shows a lack of integrity and brings the department into disrepute which clearly breaches the State Services Code of conduct.

I had two meetings with CYF one on October 12, in Greymouth with Paula Attrill Regional Director Southern and Shona Hickey Human Resources. I suggest you read the transcript of that meeting as it clearly shows there was a lot I was not told as come to light later when the concealed notes turned up as mentioned below.

The other was 11 December again in Greymouth with Pam Walkinshaw, Acting Operations Manager Upper South Island and Chris Pickering Team Leader Professional Services. Only in December was I made aware of the Vacancy Schedule dated 21 July 2006 :"CYF670" Again compare these notes to Paula's transcript and see what's missing.

I also think that holding an interview under duress lacks honesty and professionalism. I have noted the exception on page 25 of the code and if that applies in this case would like to know how.

I can not find any evidence in Christine Stevenson Acting Chief Executive for CYF responses that actually addresses these outstanding issues.

I have noted you suggested I go to the ombudsmen's office but considering its possible I was not clear enough in my questioning thought I had better put what I wanted to ask again.

So I believe I can and have proven CYF acted in a dishonest, unprofessional manner that brings CYF into disrepute. I as yet have never had the questions answered but ignored like in Christines latest response.

If CYF can explain their actions and behaviors in relation to these matters I would in fact be very satisfied but as this has not happened to date as you have pointed out I am not at all happy.

This is only a summary of the as yet unanswered issues which I feel the SSC needs to address on my behalf as they are of a very serious nature.


Graeme Axford

Please note:
this page has been edited, I removed the SSC information that could identify the staff as I feel it's not needed.

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