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Graemea & CYF New Zealand

Graeme Axford documents his Employment dispute with Child Youth & Family, (CYF) New Zealand

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CYF First Interview Feedback

13 September 2006
Graeme Axford
"Address Withheld"

Dear Graeme

CYF670 - Social Worker Greymouth

Thank you for your application for the social worker position at Greymouth. I apologise for the delay in advising you of this decision and thank you for your interest in working with Child Youth and Family. I would also like to thank you for the time you gave to attend an interview - you are to be commended for being selected onto the initial short list. However, as advised by telephone, after careful consideration by the selection panel, your application was unsuccessful. As you will be aware, the selection process is a competitive one, and in this instance the panel formed the view that other applications were able to demonstrate more in-depth knowledge regarding social work practice when working with children and families in a statutory environment.

In my telephone conversation with you Thursday 7 September you requested some feedback in a written form.

The selection panel noted that you presented well and were well prepared for the interview. You were enthusiastic about the work of Child Youth and Family and obviously excitedd at the prospect of working in a social work role within our organisation. The panel also noted that you very ably demonstrated your skills in relationship building as evidenced by your current role as an advocate. Likewise youu demonstrated an ability to approach problem solving in a systematic manner and that you are able to seek information from a variety of sources to seek solutions.

Whilst the panel considered that you have strong practice experience in the role of advocacy and referring clients on, it felt that you needed to develop a skill set that more broadly transferred to the role of a statutory social worker e.g. adopting an analytical approach to investigating child abuse, investigative skills, and the ability to reflect on practice matters. The panel also noted that you did not appear to have experience in working with children and young people and that you did not identify your ability to work with the parents, family/whanau of children and young people at risk.

With regard to the written scenario, the panel could not identify evidence of investigative skills and noted that you did not provide analysis of the situation - nor did you identify the main issues/risks for the child. These skills and the overall approach are critical to the child to the work of a statutory social worker. In your work, you provided a rationale to events in the child's life and providedd a plausible explanation to the events which were of a non abusive nature. However you did not appear to consider abuse or neglect and therefore did not provide an analysis of either the situation or any perceived risk to the child.

I hope this feedback is of value to you. - and that it will be of some assistance in thinking about the skill areas you might wish to develop or be able to evidence. May I take this opportunity to again thank you for your application and for expressing an interest in working for Child. Youth and Family.

Yours sincerely

Christine McKenna
Site Manager West Coast

On December 20, 2006 another document appeared via Pamela Walkinshaw which was what the first interview panel really discussed. Take a look at the difference between what is in this feedback letter and then the one that was concealed until now. I believe CYF only revealed it now as they knew an investigation was coming up and they realized it would come out anyway. So by sending it now they are tying to save face. If CYF had nothing to hide I would have knew about the other document sooner. Hiding it until December makes CYF look dishonest in my view yet they want me to trust them?

Table of Content  Page 1 of 28

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