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Graemea & CYF New Zealand

Graeme Axford documents his Employment dispute with Child Youth & Family, (CYF) New Zealand

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Reply to Ray Smith
Deputy Chief Executive for CYF.

CYF have been very selective with the facts to deflect what the real issues are as follows.

Mainstream is a subsidized employment programme 100% for the first and 50% for year two consecutively on the wages with no promise of a position at the end of it if things did not work out. Also there is cost of disability funding for support in some circumstances. Given CYF take on and train people from scratch having someone already qualified and free on trial should be a bonus one would think?

The eligibility criterion for mainstream is I have a disability which is a barrier to employment making me not quite work ready. That acknowledgment in itself predetermined undergoing the normal interview standards second time round set me up to fail.

Mainstream applicants are not allowed to take advertised positions anyway. I assume part of the reason for not applying for advertised positions is because if I used this channel my disability would be a hindrance to me getting a position via normal channels and standards anyway as happened in this case. CYF didn't then and still don't now want to consider the mainstream option. I had no choice but legally to attend a second normal interview for an advertised position. Click in this link to explain why (former tutor catch 22)

As for the analytical or investigative skills CYF claim I am lacking can be attributed to my disability and other factors outside of my control which if you click on the link above will see. Given dyslexia is a cognitive issue it is a barrier to employment under normal circumstances.

A program called Decoding Dyslexia played Sunday 18th Febraury at 11.30pm on TV ONE and repeated Saturday 3rd March at 11am on TV ONE (DVD copies of this programme are available from TVNZ for $35 (incl postage, packaging & GST).) It mentioned problems dyslexic people face with Sequencing, Decoding, organization and Memory issues, just to name a few.

Now if someone has these issues the question has to be would that affect their ability to be analytical or investigative? The answer for me is yes, which is why I use a range of aids and techniques and technology to get around the issues.

See section on how dyslexia affects me and former tutor comments (mind map etc) Had CYF given me a mainstream interview I could have easily demonstrated how all the aforementioned works for me. But given a normal interview is so structured cut and dry with restricted timeframes it's impossible to do in that environment which CYF setup. See comments cut and Dry first meeting Greymouth

Given the first interview went well and the second was in quick secession CYF could have doubled the second interview as a mainstream one also and paralleled the two. CYF outright ruled this out from happening ( Main Stream is a separate process from our recruitment process and it is important to keep the two separate notes from first meeting in Greymouth.

Given I had 2/3rds of the same interview panel back this would have been a win-win for us all and end any claims of resistance therefore discrimination as is happening now. CYF seem to think by considering mainstream they are lowering their standards but the reality is I would be eased into a normal workload once everything was in place to assist with overcoming my disability. Once the transission stage had finished if I did not make the grade I would be out, it's that simple. At least we would have tried which is something CYF don't want to happen because that would dispel their current argument now. (Not good enough to make the grade)

CYF have offered absolute resistance to even considering me as a mainstream placement with a array of excuses( focus was on filling the vacancies) first interview greymouth. that on the surface seem plausible until people dig deeper and find the real circumstances surrounding the case as outlined in my webpage.

It's rather ironic given in my webpage I have show both analytical and investigative skills the very thing CYF claim I lacked is steering them in the face LOL. Adding to all this is the fact I was forced to attend the second interview under duress which CYF failed to mention for reasons outlined on my webpage.

CYF by their refusal to put mainstream on the agenda and learn how my disability affects me clearly demonstrates discrimination. I doubt if CYF will ever change their mind about considering mainstream because then they would have to consider the possibility I can do the job as well as anyone which would shoot down their current argument which obviously they don't want to happen.

CYF have again proven by their response they have no sense of fairness, justice or integrity by the slant they put in their reply to the article and or the manner in which I have been treated. CYF must think the public is stupid if that expect to believe them given the overwhelming evidence on my webpage.

Just to paraphrase a point while CYF claimed to be disappointed I went to protesting publicly I fail to see how CYF gave me an option given their stubbiness and deceptive behavior overall as evidenced on my webpage. I am happy to work things out amicably but until CYF come to the party that's not going to happen. CYF can take this reply as rhetorical or respond if they wish.

Most people look at my webpage say given my literacy issues caused by my disability I have gone to great lengths to resolve the issues. Nearly 100 pages later and having repeated my claims copious amounts of time to no avail I come to one conclusion. In the absence of a defense given the amount of unanswered questions and claims, CYF have now and berried their heads in the sand as the saying goes.

So Ray Smith this is another example of why I claim CYF is deceptive and can not be trusted. CYF actions and comments shows a pattern that I believe proves CYF lacks integrity and brings the department into disrepute among many other things. Had CYF made any attempt to come on board with mainstream and acknowledged the second interview took place under duress I might have thought there was hope. CYF clearly have an agenda to make sure mainstream stay off the agenda/radar. CYF have not been honest and upfront, concealing facts, make excuses and setting me up to fail. I can and have proven all of this in my webpage.

I have noted CYF are unable to refute any of these claims in any of the correspondence from you to me. In fact CYF have avoided explaining or acknowledging these aspects I wonder why? People ask how I can get away with making these claims in public. The answer for me is simple it's the truth. Had it not been so I would have heard from the MSD lawyers by now. The fact is in order to prove defamation they would have to prove what I said is untrue. They can't do that so it must mean I am right then?

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