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Graeme Axford documents his Employment dispute with Child Youth & Family, (CYF) New Zealand

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Job Woes Goes On Line
When most people do not get a job they keep quiet but a Kaiata man has created a website on the interview process - warts and all. Graeme Axford, who is dyslexic, was turned down for a job as social worker with Child Youth and Family (CYF).

Graeme on the Grey Star

Only last month, independent of Mr Axford, a national website making defamatory comments about CYF case workers was published. It encouraged people to write in anonymously about case workers and promised to publish uncensored stories. Mr Axford first applied for the social worker's position in July. Since being rejected he has logged all documentation and published it online.

"CYF have shown blatant discrimination which I believe I can prove. In doing so, some of the pages on this site are very long but if you want to see the evidence it's all here,"

he writes for the world to see.

He posts interview questions and has individual pages on panel questions, first meeting in Greymouth, first and second interview reports, what CYF promised, iwi representation, how dyslexia affects him, a personal statement and - to make it nice and clear - a timeline.

He even notified CYF when the website went on-line. Not content with that, he next plans to pay a trip to the Beehive, in person, to push his case. CYF deputy chief executive Ray Smith said today Mr Axford underwent the standard interview process twice but was not successful.
"It is unfortunate that Mr Axford feels he has been discriminated against because of his disability. This is not the case. Mr Axford was advised following his interview that he did not demonstrate the necessary analytical or investigative skills required of a social worker."

CYF was disappointed he felt protesting the decision publicly was necessary but did not dispute his right to do so, Mr Smith said.

Mr Axford's website is at: http://
PICTURE: Laura Mills

By LAURA MILLS published in the GreyStar newspaper Wednesday 21 2007

Table of Content  Page 27 of 28


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