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Graemea & CYF New Zealand

Graeme Axford documents his Employment dispute with Child Youth & Family, (CYF) New Zealand

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Second Interview Report

From: Pamela Walkinshaw
To: Graeme Axford
CC to: Christopher Pickering; Samantha Selwyn-Ennis
Subject: RE: tutor information
Sent tutor information

Dear Graeme

My apologies for not responding earlier to your email. I have referred to the write up from the social work schedule that you recently applied for and taken comments from that document.

Analytical Skills:
Analytical thinking is understanding a situation by breaking it apart into smaller pieces, or tracing the implications of a situation in a step-by-step way. There were times during the interview when you did not recognise or analyse the client's behaviour and what might be underpinning it or demonstrate an in depth understanding. For example, cultural awareness, different perspectives and values.

Under role clarity:
You did not impress upon the panel any real evidence of following cause and effect and in your example the panel believed that you had not held the person accountable for their behaviour and in effect you colluded with the parent and did not evaluate the impact of maintaining the stance that you took.

Conceptual Thinking:
You were unable to demonstrate theoretical perspective underpinning your practice nor were you able to state the components of an assessment framework and did not express your awareness of the correlation between past experiences and the present situation. You did not make reference to social work practice models or social work processes.

Investigation Skills:
During the role play you did not identify the primary purpose of the visit and at no point during the interview did you ask where the child was. The scenario did identify that it was school holidays. There were many opportunities during the interview to make a positional statement or comment on the mother's use of physical punishment but you did not utilise the opportunities.

You may wish to show the write up to your tutor.
The notes from our meeting are being typed but I will be unable to look at them again until next week. When I have done so I will forward them on.

I appreciated the opportunity to meet with you on Thursday.

Yours faithfully
Pam Walkinshaw

Table of Content  Page 8 of 28


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